MovieBird 52

(51,5 feet = 15,7m)

The MB52 is an extended version of the MB45, it is mostly suitable for TV studio as this cranes’ maximum load is up to 40kg. MB52 has the same dolly ‘footprint’ as the smaller MB30 crane. Owing to the cranes’ small weight and size when disassembled, can be transported in a standard 16 ton truck or a bespoke trailer.

The manufacturer recommends the following safety procedures: in order to reduce the possibility of an accident, every camera crane with an arm range above 30 feet (9 meters) should be operated by at least two trained technicians (grips).
In the case of MovieBird cranes, it concerns models: MB-30, MB-35, MB-45, MB-50XL, MB-52, MB-62.

Crane photo:


Photo: Tomasz Marczak