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Crane MB12

The all-new MovieBird MB12 „MiniBird” is a lightweight and agile two section telescopic camera crane. More info.

MB12 FSO 2019

Crane MB50XL

Despite it’s reach of 50ft it’s still a very compact crane when retracted, easy to transport and move around on the film set. More info

Oscars 2020

Crane MB45

The MB45 is a relatively versatile telescopic crane suitable for any film set or TV studio as this crane has the same dolly ‘footprint’ as the smaller MB30 crane. More info.


Crane MB30


Crane MB70

This is the largest crane with a fixed arm. It’s combined construction allows regulating the length of an arm from 26 ft. up to 70 ft (8-22 meters).

Monachium - Klasische Koncert 2015

Magic Head

The MagicHead is a simple but robust 2-axis digital remote head. More info.

MovieBird Magic Head
MovieBird Magic Head control panel

We rent Magic Head with or without Hand Wheels Cranks, PanBar Extension or PanBar Hammer.

Hand Wheels Cranks
MovieBird PanBar Extension
MovieBird PanBar Hammer

GyroCAM 3

Monachium - Klasische Koncert 2015
The GyroCAM is an advanced, stabilized, three-axis gyro head. It uses fiber optic gyroscopes to detect any movement of the head and make a quick response with the motors to stabilize a the camera view. More info
We rent GyroCam Head with or without Hand Wheels Cranks
Hand Wheels Cranks

And other Accessories

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Solid Crane Tracks