MovieBird 24-VR


(24 feet = 7,3m)


The MB24 is the next generation crane also having a state-of-the-art patented safety belt transmission. It has all the attributes of the MB17 but is 7 feet (2,1m) longer in telescopic reach also all the additional features available for the MB17 are available for the MB24 yet the dolly ‘footprint’ is identical to the MB17.

Manual Instruction



MovieBird Camera Tracking System

If you want to create a virtual studio or enrich it with augmented reality, you need a camera tracking system. You can now equip your MovieBird telescopic crane with such a system.

Tracking system components:

  • Encoders:
  • Arm (Panorama, Tilt, Motor)
  • 2 Axis Magic Head (Panorama, Tilt)
  • Lens (Focus, Zoom) + support for Canon lenses with a digital encoder output
  • Dolly (track wheel)
  • 2 pcs Encoder Interface Box
  • Main Box
  • Control touch panel
  • Gyroscopic Leveling Head (arm deflection compensation)
  • Power Supply

Installation Guide:

First samples/shots made at our production hall.

A fragment of a news program (TVN) with the use of AR.

Crane photos:


Photo: Tomasz Marczak

This crane has worked on: