GyroCAM 3

3-axis Head

The GyroCAM is an advanced, stabilized, three-axis gyro head. It uses fiber optic gyroscopes to detect any movement of the head and make a quick response with the motors to stabilize the camera view. It uses two motors for every axis to eliminate backlash and make a stable view. Every axis has a separate potentiometer to adjust and compensate the drift of the head movement.
The console has also three potentiometers for separate adjust of maximum speed and dampening of every axis movement.
The console of the head has an ergonomic design to make it very comfortable to steer it. The operator can drive the head without focus on the console. The console has an LCD display with a touchscreen for additional functions.
It is possible to setup focus limits, adjust the back-light of the LCD and change joystick functions by using the GUI on the touchscreen. Usage of fiber optic gyroscopes gives very precise speed feedback and very stable position control when head is moving or stays in position.

The control desktop/panel contains:

  • One joystick for PAN/TILT control with ON/OFF recording button,
  • Second joystick for ROLL/ZOOM/FOCUS control,
  • FLUID potentiometer to adjust the dampening of every axis,
  • MAX SPEED potentiometer for every axis,
  • MAX SPEED potentiometer for ZOOM,
  • OFFSET setup potentiometer for every axis,
  • DIRECTION switch for every axis,
  • ON/OFF button for every axis,
  • HOME button to go back/setup to the starting position,
  • LCD display with GUI to setup and view settings.

Useful Files/Pomocne pliki