MovieBird 35

 (35 feet = 10,6m)



The MB35 is a relatively versatile telescopic crane suitable for any film set or TV studio as this crane has the same dolly ‘footprint’ as the smaller MB30 crane. It is universal to work with and depending on the type and weight of the camera package carried it is possible to modify the length and reach of the arm from 35 feet to 45 feet in a matter of minutes. Owing to the cranes’ small weight and size when disassembled it can be transported in a standard 16-ton truck or a bespoke trailer. The Mb35 is currently one of the most desired telescopic cranes available on the market today.

Manual Instruction


The manufacturer recomends the following safety procedures: in order to reduce the possibility of an accident, every camera crane with arm range above 30 feet (9 meters) should be operated by at least two trained technicians (grips).
In case of MovieBird cranes it concerns models: MB-30, MB-35, MB-45, MB-50XL, MB-52, MB-62.

Crane photos:


Photo: Tomasz Marczak